Asus has a USB-powered Blu-Ray player on the way

This hot little number is an external Blu-Ray player for computers that Asus hopes to have on shelves later this month. What surprised us the most is the fact that the one and only connector you'll see along the sides of the unit is one for a USB attachment — no HDMI, no AC jack to plug this thing into the wall. It does everything via USB.

Hopefully Asus will give it a cooler name than "SBC-04D1S-U" by the time it launches. According to the company it can write DVD-Rs and CD-Rs in addition to reading Blu-Ray. It also has a "Turbo Engine for enhanced USB Connectivity" — which is vaguely responsible for cranking HD goodness to your screen — and comes with a vertical stand and Cyberlink software.

Pricing information isn't available just yet, but we'll let you know when we do.

Still sounds pretty sweet — and it looks good, too. Hook it up to this crazy motorized Stargate PC case we showed you earlier and you have one beautiful couple on your hands.

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