Complete roundup of everything Apple might announce tomorrow

In case you missed it, Apple's holding an event tomorrow. The only hint of what might be announced is the teaser image, which has the caption, "It's only rock and roll, but we like it." That, and the annual tradition the company has of unveiling new iPods every September.

That doesn't seem like a lot to go on, but it doesn't stop the blogosphere from speculating like crazy, predicting news as mundane as refreshed iPods to outlandish claims of a magic tablet Mac. Join us as we separate fact from fiction, and be sure to stay close to our Twitter liveblog of the event tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern.

There will be new iPods. The iPods will have cameras, too, both on the new iPod Touch and its smaller sibling, the Nano. Never mind that a quick survey of teenyboppers tells us that they don't care if there's a camera on these music players or not. Look for a camcorder on board the iPod Touch, too. Why are we so sure? Case manufacturers gave it all away, revealing telltale holes where lenses will be.

Tantalizing possibilities still in play:
Sure, there'll be a 32GB iPod Touch, but what about a 64GB? If rumors of the demise of the conventional old-style iPods is true, what about a 128GB iPod Touch? Too expensive? They might even get a processor upgrade, leapfrogging the faster iPhone 3GS processor.

Do we think it'll happen?
Of course. Why else would they have an event proclaiming "it's only rock 'n roll?" Another thing's for sure: if they get rid of the old-fashioned iPods, music horders will revolt, now hoarding iPods instead so they can sell them later on eBay.

iTunes 9.0
This rumor won't die, mainly because Apple has signed on to the Cocktail idea, a code name of a record industry creation that longs for the days where people bought entire albums full of songs they hated, just to get one song they liked. Other niceties will be tucked into iTunes as it gets even more bloated, including Facebook and maybe Twitter support, nifty Apple-esque ways to send videos to YouTube, maybe even ways to stream music, or even store your music on the cloud so you won't need a 120GB iPod any more.

Tantalizing possibilities still in play:
Blu-ray support, finally. Maybe a way to organize and line up your app icons in iTunes, precluding all that tedious fiddling and sliding around those icons on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Do we think it will happen?
Yes. iTunes 9.0 is a virtual certainty, but what we'd really like to see would be a faster, streamlined iTunes.

Improved Apple TV
There was a lot of talk about an improved Apple TV around a month ago, but that has died down. Perhaps the speculation was based on the fact that the Apple TV hasn't had an upgrade in many moons. What it really needs is a faster processor.

Tantalizing possibility still in play:
Apple might be phasing out the 40GB model, but maybe it'll just phase out the whole thing and start over, so it can finally compete with Popcorn Hour and Netgear.

Do we think it'll happen?
No, Apple TV is the company's poor stepchild, and it will remain so. Jobs was never really behind this one, and he won't start loving it now.

Beatles catalog
Tomorrow's date is 9/9/09 (number nine, number nine, number nine), and The Beatles: Rock Band will debut, as well as the digitally remastered catalog of the 14 original Beatles albums. While we'd really like to see a Beatles-themed iPod, we've been wishing for that for years and it's never appeared.

Tantalizing possibility still in play: All of the Beatles music, stereo and mono, on a specially designed iPod Touch, introduced by Paul and Ringo.

Do we think it'll happen?
Yes. However, it's so easy to rip songs from a CD and place them into iTunes, we're wondering why it would be such a big deal if the Beatles' music were available in the iTunes Store in their new digitally remastered form. But then, what a memorable spectacle it would be if the two surviving Beatles showed up and hugged Steve Jobs! Never mind that the theme of the event is the title of a Rolling Stones song, "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll." That's a misdirection. Look for the Apples to Come Together tomorrow, with the Beatles in person, hawking all their 40-something-year-old albums on a special iPod.

Jobs back
Steve Jobs has had plenty of time to recover from his liver transplant, and he's been spotted in parking lots and on sidewalks in Cupertino. He might be up for whipping the crowd into a frenzy one more time.

Tantalizing possibilities still in play:
If Jobs shows up, maybe he'll do the entire keynote himself. Maybe he'll crack some jokes about his health, always a crowd pleaser.

Do we think it'll happen?
Yes, but only if the surviving Beatles show up, too.

iPhone OS 3.1
Traditionally, a x.1 release of the iPhone OS arrives at the same time the iPod event does. While MMS capability has been announced, the current iPhone OS is already capable of such niceties — outside the clutches of AT&T, that is.

Tantalizing possibility still in play:
Could this be the time when Flash is finally available on the iPhone?

Do we think it'll happen?
Yes, looking at the regularity of past releases, it's time for iPhone OS 3.1. But that long-awaited Adobe Flash upgrade? Probably not.

This was a hot rumor about two months ago, and the tablet probably does exist.

Tantalizing possibility still in play:
We won't be seeing an overgrown iPod Touch prototype that's called an iTablet, but maybe such a device could be announced, even if it's not ready. They announced the first iPhone five months in advance, too, if you recall.

Do we think it'll happen?
No tablet yet. There's barely even a slim chance of it being mentioned or teased tomorrow.