All the iPod news, right here, in table form

In case you missed 'em, here are all of our Apple cheat sheets for every announcement today. Each one details every important change Apple made from the previous generation of product, at a glance.

Among the top new features: The Nano getting a video camera, the Touch not getting a camera, and Steve Jobs donning a belt. Check out our cheat sheets below.

UPDATE: The comparison chart for the iPod Classic in the gallery previously pegged the 2G as having a lower screen resolution than the 1G. This is not the case — the resolution printed for the 1G was an error — and the iPod Classic's screen resolution has stayed the same.

UPDATE: The chart for the iPod Touch has been revised. The 8GB iPod Touch, which is on sale for $199, is actually not part of the new generation and doesn't have the new features.