Alienware quad-core m15x laptop called 'world's fastest'

When Alienware said it was going to "shake the gaming world to its foundation today," it wasn't kidding. The otherworldly Dell subsidiary just blasted out what it's calling "the world's fastest 15-inch laptop." There's good reason for that, because this Alienware m15x is running the latest mobile version of Intel's Core i7 processor, known to chipheads as "Clarksfield."

Never mind that Dell says prices "start at" $1,499 — that "world's fastest" laptop will set you back a whole lot more. That means you'll have the fastest Clarksfield chip, the quad-core 2GHz 920XM Extreme, 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260m graphics, 256GB solid-state drive, eight gigs of RAM and a Blu-ray drive, setting you back a cool $4,398.

But just look at it. You can choose the backlight color for this UFO's keyboard (including insane-looking yellow), and specify a customized nameplate. But this case design has been around since early this year — the unreal quad-core mobile processor and Intel's associated "Calpella" laptop platform is what's new here; with this kind of laptop power, it really is a desktop replacement. Just sell that old tower-style PC on eBay.

Via Dell