Will Microsoft stop selling Office over Word woes?

Federal Court Judge Leonard Davis is upholding a patent infringement claim by Canadian company i4i, which contends that Microsoft Word's default file format Office Open XML infringes on one of i4i's patents.

The thought of Microsoft having to pull Word off of shelves is already pretty wild, but now the software giant is threatening to yank the whole shebang. Microsoft filed an injunction on Tuesday to delay the $290 million in damages it owes i4i and more importantly the court order to cease all selling of Word within 60 days until the issue can be fully resolved.

Microsoft's injunction warns of the "irreparable harm" this will do to the company:

"Microsoft and its distributors face the imminent possibility of a massive disruption in their sales. If left undisturbed, the district court's injunction will inflict irreparable harm on Microsoft by potentially keeping the centerpiece of its product line out of the market for months. The injunction would block not only the distribution of Word, but also of the entire Office suite, which contains Word and other popular programs,"
It looks like Microsoft will be forced to either settle with i4i and lose more, or spend the time and money removing the XML format from Word. Either way Microsoft plays it, it looks like they'll be out some serious cash.

Via Maximum PC