Video mapping teams Pac Man with Georgian architecture

Last month I went to a marvellous party, as Cole Porter might have said. It was a mini-festival that's held on a private estate in Norfolk, UK, every year and all the guests camped in front of the house, which was built in 1712, for the duration of the weekend.

So far, so bucolic, you might say, adding, what the frack has this got to do about technology? Before the party proper started on the Satuday night, we were treated to a display by the Darkroom, a motion graphics studio from New Zealand, projected onto the front elevation of the house.

It's pretty impressive, as you can see. Pac Man, scuba divers, zippers — they even demolished the house to reveal a greek temple behind it. And don't mention the zipper, the windscreen wipers or the ping pong balls.

Via YouTube