Verbatim TUFF-'N'-TINY USB drive lives up to its name

When we saw that Verbatim TUFF-'N'-TINY USB drive making the rounds in the blogosphere the other day, we figured it was a small drive. But the 8GB drive, about the size of your fingernail, arrived at our doorstep today, and it's so small, we can't believe it. When Verbatim named it TINY, they weren't kidding around. It's useful, too, inserting easily into any USB slot, and quickly attaching to your keyring without adding hardly any bulk at all.

After we marveled at its tininess (and especially its paper-thinness), we didn't have the heart to test its TUFFness by slamming it with a hammer because it's so cute. But we did notice it's exceptionally rigid, and it would take a hell of an impact to do any damage to it. Besides being apparently tough, it's plenty fast, too, writing a gigabyte of files in less than two minutes.

Take a look at the gallery below and see if we were able to convey to you just how puny this USB drive is. It's almost too small, easy to lose in your pocket. Just the novelty of cramming 8GB (it actually shows up as 7.44GB) into such a minuscule form factor is well worth the $50 price of admission. For those of us who remember 8GB worth of storage taking up the space of a small refrigerator, this is hot stuff.

Via Verbatim