USB Octopus charging cable juices 10 gadgets at once

The USB Octopus (technically called the Super USB Mobilephone Charger) is a gadget addict's dream: With 10 different kinds of plugs on its many tentacles, it's probably the only charging cable you'll need, with no need to fumble with (and probably lose) those tiny little adapters universal charging cables often come with. Here's an inventory of the plugs:

  • Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm)
  • Nokia 3.5mm
  • Sony PSP
  • Motorola (V3 series), HTC and other phones using USB Mini five-pin charging port
  • Micro USB (for Motorola V8)
  • LG
  • Samsung (20P (s))
  • Samsung (20P (M))
  • Sony Ericsson Fast Port
  • iPhone/iPod

The downside: The cable won't sync data, with the exception of the iPhone/iPod cable. A voltage booster is included, which the vendor says may be necessary for some Nokia phones. All in all, not bad for 10 bucks (plus $3 shipping).

USB Fever, via Gizmodo