Ultra Deep Field in 3D: The most profound animation in history

We can't travel to any of the other 100 billion galaxies in the universe yet, but their photons can travel to us. Capturing those photons over a ten-day period results in the most profound and humbling image ever created, the 2004 image known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Now it's brought to life in 3D, letting you fly through 10,000 galaxies as they were 13 billion years ago.

As you float through this Hubble Space Telescope image (watch it in HD for the best view), consider that last galaxy — it's the farthest-away object anyone has ever seen. It's hard to believe each one of those shapes contains billions of stars. Are any of them home to other lifeforms? Are any of them aware of the existence of any others? Anyone out there?

Feeling small enough yet? Here are more Hubble Space Telescope images.

Via Gizmodo