TalkMaster Slim offers the iPod of English language study

It may be a few more decades before the universal translators of "Star Trek" become a reality, so in the meantime one Japanese company has added yet another weapon to country's language arsenal that is decidedly powerful. The TalkMaster Slim looks and feels like the sexy iPod of the past, but instead of pumping tunes the tiny device is devoted to helping Japanese students become just a little bit better at English than you'll ever be at speaking Japanese.

The TalkMaster Slim features audio playback of both English and Japanese preset phrases, 2 gigabytes of memory available to record and playback your own language practice, a text breakdown of your current study material, a fully packed bilingual dictionary, and the ability to speed or slow down the pace of your study phrases. Priced at 39,800 yen ($400) you can see the TalkMaster Slim in action here.

Via TalkMaster