Take a tour of KNB, one of Hollywood's creepiest F/X shops

Howard Berger is a little nonchalant about the stack of limbless bodies all around him.

"This is our order of bodies for Quentin Tarantino," Berger says about the bloodied stack of decapitated carnage around him. "He wants it real." Berger's creative team was making bodies for Inglourious Basterds, starring Brad Pitt, which comes out Aug. 21.

That was on a recent tour SCI FI Wire took of KNB EFX Group — formed by Berger and Greg Nicotero — which is one of Hollywood's premiere makeup, creature and special-effects shops, headquartered in a nondescript 25,000-foot warehouse in the San Fernando Valley in suburban Los Angeles. At any one time, Berger's team is working on up to 10 movies at the warehouse, with as many as 120 people.

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