Syd Mead explains the evolution of the TRON light cycle

The proof-of-concept footage for TRON Legacy has been online for a while. But it wasn't until Comic Con that the hi-res version of the videos was put online (check it out here). And, of course, the various YouTube videos of a practical version of the light cycle, proudly displayed at a promotional event at a recreated arcade from the original TRON (here's one that cuts to the chase). After all this footage, I am officially psyched, and more so about the light cycle than anything else (frisbees haven't aged as well as supercool virtual motorcycles). So I reinstalled TRON 2.0 and even dug up the notes from an interview I did with Syd Mead, the designer of the light cycle, back in 2003.

Follow this link to our sister blog, Fidgit, for Mead's explanation of the evolution of the TRON light cycle.