Sun Drive puts flash memory and solar power on your keychain

If you are among the more modest green energy advocates with no plans to replace your entire roof with solar glass, you can still save the planet on a smaller scale thanks to the new Sun Drive. Created by Korea's Zyrus, the tiny device is a USB solar charger that can easily be used to recharge your digital camera, cell phone or MP3 player.

Despite its small footprint, the Sun Drive can supply most portable devices with up 35 hours of power, and can charge your cell phone with up to 100 minutes of talk time. The unit comes in black or white and packs varying memory capacities of 2,4,8, and 16 gigabytes. While these kinds of solar chargers are still in their infancy in terms of dependability, for a mere 29,000 won ($23) being on the cutting-edge will be relatively affordable.

Via Aving