Study: GPS gives you four days of your life back

Rarely do mere gadgets make such bold claims: a GPS navigator in your car can give you four days of your life back every year. That is, if a study sponsored by Nokia subsidiary NAVTEQ, one of the main data providers for GPS systems, can be believed. It's not just any GPS system, but you have to have real-time traffic notifications to save all that time.

The company compared three kinds of drivers in a couple of German metropolitan areas: those with real-time traffic capability, non-real-time GPS users, and drivers without any navigation at all. Those lucky real-time traffic GPS users spend 18% less time on the road. Better yet, they spewed 21% less carbon dioxide into the air.

Given the source, these numbers could be exaggerated, but we've noticed GPS saving us lots of time on a regular basis, too. For instance, during rush hour earlier this week, our trusty Garmin (that uses NAVTEQ map data) help us avoid traffic jam freeways, guiding us through nearly deserted secondary streets and getting us home at least 15 minutes earlier. That said, here's a much better way to save a lot more than four days per year: Work in your home office and save 250 hours per year, and that's not counting all the primping and preparation for work.

Via Autoblog