Sony responds to Kindle onslaught with Reader Touch and Pocket

I guess Sony's been a little jealous of all the attention the Amazon Kindle e-readers have been getting lately. The company just announced two new portable Readers, the PRS-600 and 300, a.k.a. the Reader Touch (left) and Reader Pocket, respectively. The Touch, available in red, black, or silver, replaces the current touchscreen Reader, discarding that model's reading light for better touchscreen responsiveness. It has a 6-inch screen, packs a stylus and includes the Oxford American English Dictionary. The internal memory is a paltry 512MB, but it's expandable via a Memory Stick/SD card slot.

The Reader Pocket has a 5-inch screen and a smaller casing, which comes in blue, silver or pink. Its sacrifices for that extra portablilty are legion, though: besides that extra inch, there's no touchscreen, free dictionary or card slot. The biggest absence, though — on both models — is wireless. There's no connectivity on either Reader (apart from the USB 2.0 port), but Sony says a Wi-Fi model is coming soon. Nice bonus in the meantime: The new models are Mac compatible.

Both readers are slated for the end of August; the Touch will be $299, and the Pocket just $199. Sony's also reduced the price of bestselling books to $10, or about par with the Kindle store. Still, that lack of wireless is a killer. Does anyone really like touchscreens (or pink) that much to go with a Sony Reader instead of a Kindle? We want to know who you are.

Via Engadget