Slate to IT pros: Your restrictions are stupid and counterproductive

Gotta hand it to Farhad Manjoo over at Slate. Not only does the guy have good taste in iPhone apps, but he's come out and said something that's been long overdue to be shouted from the rooftops: Corporate IT restrictions on computers are stupid and counterproductive. Let us here at DVICE add a "Hear, hear!" to Manjoo's argument, which correctly points out what should be extremely obvious to everyone: Workers are more productive when they can use the software tools they want.

We'd concede that some less tech-savvy people in offices would need still some guidance and (voluntary) rules. But take it from us: Blunt-force policies that restrict everyone to the same set of applications or lock people out of useful websites stymie productivity much more than they supposedly improve it. Let's hope more than a few IT professionals read Manjoo's treatise and — while maybe not lift all of their draconian restrictions — at least start to consider that allowing some of their workers to install Firefox on their own is not tantamount to a cyberattack.

Via Slate