Robotic chair reacts to your presence (dear)

Anders Huus' Living Chair Number 1 rather reminds me of the ultra-languid, hookah-smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. Part furniture, part robot, the ash and copper wire chair unfolds and wags each end whenever anyone approaches, as the electronic innards of the chaise longue react to light, time and the presence of life around it.

The chair remains curled up all night, but unfurls itself as the day gets lighter, as well as rotating slowly through a 24-hour period. But it's Number 1's canine properties that have got to be the most fun — although, with a couple of upgrades, you might find it getting a bit miffed with its name — so miffed, in fact, that it envelops you like a Maki roll.

Via MoCo Loco