Ridiculous Spaceball Trampoline hailed as 'best exercise for space travel' by astronaut

Want to be an astronaut? Good news! Apparently all it takes to get the best conditioning possible is being able to bounce around on a trampoline and get beaned by the occasional ball. That's because Spaceball is — according to Scott Carpenter, one of NASA's Mercury Seven astronauts — "the best conditioning exercise for space travel."

As for the game itself, it's a little confusing to figure out — or to figure out which part is fun, at least. You bounce around in your compartment while trying to toss the ball through a little tunnel in the middle and get it by your opponent. Spaceball supports two players under 200 pounds each, and takes up an area of your yard that's 14' by 8½'.

It's all yours for only $700, or quite a few space bucks for you astronauts-in-Spaceball-training.

Hammacher Schlemmer, via Gizmodo, via Geekologie