Progress Bar Clock: Day loading, please wait

We're already living inside our computers; might as well make our environment match. Everyone's familiar with the progress bar, and this one by Mint Pass turns that familiar paradigm into a timeline. Label one of the orange-pronged tabs with an event for the day, clip it onto the proper time, and then your appointments are properly marked as the day unfolds in a most delightful graphical way.

While this prototype is not for sale just yet, the clever concept could actually be useful. The belt-driven clock is even equipped with 24 alarms that you can configure to sound at whichever time of day those tags are placed. Days as downloads? Sure. And when your daily download is complete, it's time to hit the hay. If this graphic approach doesn't do the trick for you, just have the time spelled out for you.

Mintpass, via Unpluggd