Netscape founder backs mysterious new browser

Browser War veteran Marc Andreessen, developer and co-founder of Netscape, looks to be gearing up for another go at Internet Explorer with his backing of RockMelt, a startup that's said to be working on a brand new browser. Since losing out to IE back in the '90s, Andreessen has gone on to start and finance a variety of different software endeavors and has done pretty well by them. He's now a pretty heavy-hitter in Silicon Valley, and he's got an idea for what to do in the browser market.

From the New York Times:

…Mr. Andreessen suggested the new browser would be different, saying that most other browsers had not kept pace with the evolution of the Web, which had grown from an array of static Web pages into a network of complex Web sites and applications. "There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch," Mr. Andreessen said.
That evolution that Andreessen is speaking about is that so much more of computing is done through a browser now, thanks to the point where technology is at. Microsoft may have secured almost all of the interest in browsers to be had from Netscape, but Mozilla punched a huge whole hole in those figures in '04. With so many companies leaping in to what's looking like BW II, Andreessen and RockMelt may be positioned just right to offer something new.

New York Times, via Maximum PC