Netflix streaming on iPhone? How about on the Wii?

The rumor mill is cranking up again, and this time it has Netflix "Watch Instantly" movies streaming on the iPhone and Nintendo Wii. The Nintendo Wii part is believable, because we're already enjoying Netflix streaming in HD on the Xbox 360, why not one more console, even if it is standard-def?

Netflix on the iPhone is a completely different story. Good luck getting AT&T to agree to people sitting around watching movies all day on iPhones via the company's lame 3G network. Over wi-fi? That's a little more likely.

But now, though, were thinking that anything could happen, especially after the FCC pokes its powerful nose into that problem with Apple rejecting Google Voice on the iPhone, and its questionable exclusivity deals with AT&T. While you're at it, FCC, look into those weasel cell phone companies' time-wasting voicemail nonsense, too.

Multichannel News, via Zatz Not Funny