Nenufar parasol turns your garden futuristic and fugly

Oh, designers of Spain, there are many things you do brilliantly — from concept cars to bijou woodland offices. I'm just not so convinced by the Nenufar parasol, however.

Maybe the guys behind it, design studio Yonoh, feel that the traditional sun umbrella design is outdated and that what people are looking for is a mesh — sorry, that should read "aluminum foil split laser and tapissé fabric" — screen that, in its squarer incarnation, looks like a giant fly swat. And there's something a bit Man 2 Man meets Man Parrish about the black version, so I'm slightly mollified to discover that the Nenufar — which means Nymphaea in Spanish — is also available in brown, grey, orange, white, black and blue. Slightly.

Via Trendir