Needle-free injection systems takes a cue from air bags

The idea of an injection having anything to do with crash test dummies flying around in slow motion may seem a little odd, but German-based medical firm Pervormanc claims the airbag as the inspiration for its new "Pyrofast" needle-free injection system. According to the company, the big problem with the current gas or spring-loaded systems is the uneven application of pressure. The Pyrofast system delivers an even blast of chemicals in 40 milliseconds.

Dr. Thorsten Rudolph, who is working to commercialize the technology, describes it thusly:

"The pyrotechnical gas propulsion technology that is used doesn't cause bleeding, so the transfer of diseases such as HIV will be eliminated. This is the same chemical gas technology being used in airbags to provide a fast and reliable pressure profile. Including it in an injection system means that it can easily be used by patients to self administer drugs through the skin."
Sounds groovy, but it's hard to picture anything but sitting in a chair and having an airbag of medicine explode against me. You can read all about the system here.

The Engineer, via Medgadget