Mimo 7" USB-powered monitor gets a travel-friendly makeover

Improving upon the Mimo 710 USB-powered monitor is the 710-S, which adds a stand that's also a protective clamshell cover. The 710-S has the same 800 x 480 pixel resolution for its 7" screen, but with a higher 500:1 contrast ratio. It's got a dual-headed USB cable, which means you can plug it into a second port if you find that it's not getting enough power with just one.

It's all yours for $150 — about $30 more than the older 710. Mimo also has the 740 USB-powered touchscreen for $220, though it still uses the old 710 base — any chance of seeing the clamshell on that one, Mimo?

Check out more of the 710-S in the gallery below.

Mimo 710-S, via Everything USB, via Slashgear