Miracles do happen: Sony finalizes 2TB Memory Stick

At first, I thought I had misread the numbers, but Sony's not kidding when it says there are 2TB memory sticks on the way. That's right, we're talking about terabytes here, in a thin, narrow flash drive shorter than your little finger (that pic above is a simulation of how the product might look). Besides some of the varieties of the new drives using a much more efficient file system called exFAT, there are no other details about how Sony manages to shoehorn such an ocean of data onto such a tiny form factor.

Sony bragged about monster memory sticks like this at CES 2009, but now the company has finalized specifications for this Memory Stick XT series. This means these products might soon see the light of day, but Sony's not talking about any release dates yet. We'll believe it when we see it.

More good news: The Memory Stick XT line will probably be backward-compatible with those devices that use Sony Memory Sticks. And to think, less than three years ago, we were impressed with the possibility of a 32GB Memory Stick. Remarkable.

Sony Insider, via Engadget