Magnetically-propelled cars could save our cities from congestion

Philipp Siebourg's Induction Powered Vehicle (or IPV) isn't just a concept for a new kind of car, it's a complete transportation system designed to reduce congestion in big urban centers. Instead of bumper-to-bumper traffic in the heart of the city, Siebourg's proposal calls for a car-free, magnetized area that is serviced exclusively by automated personal transports.

Each IPV can be controlled by it's passenger via a mobile device (in the example provided below, the passenger is holding an iPhone), and you can drive and park at an IPV loading zone much like you would a bus station. Siebourg also calls for an alternative system in managing traffic — which is similar to how some intersections in Tokyo operate — whereby all the cars proceed at once, then pedestrians, and then bikers, rather than mixing it all up.

Check out the gallery below for more of the IPV transportation system.

Via Coroflot