Logitech MK700 keyboard cradles your itty-bitty fingertips

Logitech's MK700 wireless desktop (mouse + keyboard) includes a QWERTY keyboard that sports a new curved-key design called Incurve that promises to "gently cradle" your fingers. C'mon, guys — it's a keyboard, not a mattress; how much cradling can you get? The keys are said to be "concave, low-profile and softly rounded." Eliot Spitzer and I will take two.

The keyboard also has an LCD dashboard that shows, among other things, the status of your pair of AA batteries, which Logitech claims to last up to three years without a recharge. I suspect your mileage may vary here. Still, the package includes a mouse with hyper-fast scrolling, and the 2.4GHz wireless tech includes 128-bit encryption and a 30-foot range. Not too bad for $100, though it's kind of mystery why this system doesn't work with Logitech's new Unifying dongle tech. Guys...?

Via Logitech