Large Hadron Collider restarts in November at half power

At long last, it seems the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland will get to doing what it was designed to do: collidin' particles. After a catastrophic failure late last year ground everything to a halt, the LHC is all set save for one part — those underperforming magnets we told you about.

Rather than lose more time and money retraining those magnets, the LHC will restart in November at half power, eventually ramping up to higher energy levels in 2010.

Lower power means less raw scientific muscle for researchers and physicists to work with — many of whom have left the LHC behind to work with more established particle accelerators, such as the smaller Fermilab accelerator in Illinois. Still, it's hard not to have high hopes for the powerful 17-mile-long universe-destroying Halo ring, and being able to find evidence of the Higgs boson particle is still a top priority.