Jalou, the phone Sony Ericsson thinks women will like

It used to be that if you made a gadget pink, it was obviously for women. That's not going to fly anymore, so Sony did some serious research for its new cellphone for women, scouring the fashion world, art, architecture, and furniture trends, and came up with this: Jalou.

Consulting with an actual woman who's also a fashion-conscious runway model, we got an overwhelmingly positive response to this new design. That emerald-cut shape looks like an attractive makeup case, the 2.7-inch-long clamshell will fit nicely in a purse, its cobalt blue color doesn't insult, and then there's the ability to turn its 2-inch screen into a mirror with a touch of a button. All those features get a big thumbs up.

Our special woman consultant was unimpressed by its Walk Mate step counter, sensing an implication by the phone's designers that if women would just get into shape they'd be acceptable. On the other hand, Jalou scores points for being a clamshell phone, avoiding that greasy and automatically fingerprinted exterior of a once-used iPhone.

While more intelligent women might scoff at Jalou's horoscope-loving user interface, at least Sony Ericsson is trying. For those women who are intrigued, look for Jalou sometime in the next quarter, selling for an undisclosed price.

Sony Ericsson, via Gizmodo