Insane Asimo outfit: I have your next Halloween costume right here

Yamamoto Katsura, a graduate of Waseda University in Japan, has created an oversized costume of Honda's beloved Asimo that you can wear as a suit. Well, that is, if you don't mind shelling out $400 to build it, which is what it cost to make (mostly out of wood).

Plastic Pals has the scoop:

Apparently, one of the most famous events held by Waseda University is the annual Honjo-Waseda 100km Hike, which takes 2 days and typically gathers a thousand participants. In keeping with the hike's spirit of pushing one's physical limits, some participants decided to take it one step further by donning costumes as a kind of handicap. Pretty soon people were trying to one-up each other to see who could make the best costume, and the World's Longest Costume Parade was born, with the hike's organizers fanning the flames by handing out awards.
Hmm, walking over 60 miles in a suit made of wood? Sounds like fun! Click Continue to check out a video of Katsura's Asimo costume in action.

Plastic Pals, via Ubergizmo