Handmade USB Japanese fan stores 16GB, drains $300

Want something no one else has? This traditional Japanese hand-held fan — also known as a sensu — should do the trick. That's because it's also a USB memory stick that holds a whopping 16GB, which sounds pretty good for a novelty drive.

Here's the big road block, though: it's 300 bucks. You could just tape a flash drive to a sensu, spend some time making it look pretty, and get a similar result for cheaper. Now, if this thing was actually USB powered as well — well, that'd be another story.

From Geek Stuff 4 U:

This pure Japanese Style Device features 16GB of memory. In a shape of typical Sensu (or Hand-Held Fan), this hand made USB Memory (16GB) is made of Bamboo, Wood as well as Cotton and received 5 Layers of lacquer

Geek Stuff 4 U, via Crunch Gear