Music player powered by temperature changes

While treehuggers bustle about looking for better ways to gather solar energy or wind power, designer Dmitriy Shcherbakov thinks they've overlooked an energy source right in front of them: constantly changing temperature. That's how he plans to power Greenergy, a music player that also inexplicably contains a heating module and a "personal light" on board.

The idea of harnessing energy from slight temperature changes is nothing new — that's how Atmos clocks work, and they were invented way back in 1928. Those clocks can run for two days on each degree Celsius of temperature change. But if this cool-looking gizmo is going to work, it's going to need to gin up significant amounts of energy to emit enough heat to warm up even a small room.

Dimitriy's not saying yet how much energy his odd multipurpose design concept can create, so it's not entirely clear whether this is a viable invention or merely wishful thinking. In any case, his shiny, undulating and unusually architectural design is certainly creative, unlike anything we've ever seen, unless you're talking about a building by Zaha Hadid.

Via Ecofriend