GPush finally brings instant Gmail notification to the iPhone [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: Hit Continue Reading for an update and warning!] Finally, the iPhone doesn't have to have an inferiority complex because of the lack of immediate notification of Gmail messages. That's because GPush is now available on the Apple App Store for $0.99, letting you know immediately when you received an e-mail, rather than delivering you an e-mail at whatever interval you decided to pull it from the server. Does this make the iPhone just like a BlackBerry for Gmail users? We installed GPush on our iPhone 3GS, and here's a mini review:

In a word, it's excellent. As its developer suggested, we placed the GPush icon directly over the Mail icon on the front of the iPhone, and sure enough, suddenly we were seeing a badge on the icon, telling us new e-mails had arrived. Hey, this is instant, just like BlackBerry users have been able to do for years. It even works with Google Apps, and as soon as we put our e-mail address and password into GPush, we were off and running.

After it's installed, you can go into the iPhone's Settings menu, where you'll be given a choice of whether you'd like to hear a sound every time you receive an e-mail, or just a vibration. We especially like the way a pop-up appears, showing who sent an e-mail and the subject line.

Disregard the bogus user reviews on the app store, because apparently most of the complaints about the app not working were written before GPush was ready. It's working fine now, and because we are impatient, gotta-have-it-now types, it's the best $0.99 we've ever spent on an iPhone app.

UPDATE: It was too good to be true. After working well for a couple of hours during our review session yesterday morning, GPush fizzled and stopped working. The only thing that will revive it is to re-enter our information in the setup screen.

We're trying to find out what's wrong from the developer, but obviously, the app needs some work. Perhaps it's a victim of its own success, with its servers too hard-hit to work properly. Unless you feel like being a beta tester, we would recommend that you wait until the flaws are fixed before you spend your 99 cents on this one.

UPDATE 2: It's a few weeks later, and the company has made good on its promise. The GPush app works perfectly now, immediately notifying us of incoming Gmail messages. Bravo, Tiverias!

Here's what Tiverias Apps had to say on its website:

Dear GPush users,

Yesterday we launched GPush with our servers fully scaled to meet the needs of a growing customer base. At its peak usage, our servers were at 2% of server load. Yet, some users have experienced connection and notification issues. We are aware of these issues and are working on resolving them as quickly as possible.

Noted issues reported by users:

* The badge number gets stuck in place
* senders names are scrambled
* Old emails are pushed
* Delayed or missed notifications
* Credentials being refused
* No recognition of non-English characters

If you experience any of these issues, feel free to email us at

Please note the issues these users are facing were not seen in the last round of beta testing and it may take a bit of time to fully resolve them. We understand that an app designed to notify users of email, if not working properly, can be quite obtrusive. Our goal is to solve the problems people face with email notification on the iPhone. This includes ensuring GPush works as seamlessly as the iPhone allows, as well as making regular updates to the application based on the requests and reactions of our user base. To that effect we have already started working on our first update, which will be recognition of non-English characters.


Team GPush

Tiverias Apps, via Ubergizmo