Gorillatorch, flexible brilliance

How often are you working on a project, from rewiring your home theater to tuning the rear derailleur of your bike, when you could use a hand to help illuminate the situation? Sure, flexible light stands have been around for a while, but the Gorillatorch combines the convenience of a tripod with the flexibility of a snake to let you secure the light in a variety of awkward situations. It's from Joby, the same folks who make the popular Gorillapod flexible tripod, my personal fav.

Why is the Gorillatorch better than your Maglite? Rubberized and magnetized feet (strong enough to stick it to the side of a car), 65 lumen LED torch, dimmer switch, water-resistance, infinitely adjustable angles, collapsible, and it runs for up to 20 hours at maximum brightness on three AA batteries. And of course, it's hands-free. Have you ever tried to set up a tent by yourself or changed a flat while holding a flashlight? Need I say more to justify the $30 price?

Joby via Crave