Futuristic UN think tank building looks like it belongs on Star Trek

San Francisco is getting ready to break ground on the Federation Council UN Global Compact Center, which — besides looking like a concept sketch for some sci-fi movie — is made notable because of where it's being built. It will take over the location of the Hunter's Point Shipyard, which has been deemed one of the most polluted sites in the nation by the US Environmental Agency. Step one is clean all that gunk up. Step two? Build a structure that will serve as an example against that kind of pollution, as well as help stop it from ever happening.

The center itself will act as the site for a think tank that will mull over green technologies and policies to help combat detrimental climate change. The building will ultimately be an 80,000-square-foot center that's LEED certified, cost $20,000 $20 million and is scheduled to begin construction in 2011. Let's hope that cleanup is effective, but hey — if not, a third eye or grossly enlarged brain could only help the UN thinkers, right?

UN Global Compact Center, via Inhabitat

CORRECTION: The article originally said $20,000 when it should have said $20 million.