Ford electric cars smart enough to go shopping for cheap electricity

Electric cars will soon be everywhere, but what if all of them recharge at the same time? Ford's new charging software is smart enough to communicate with the power company, recharging a car's batteries during a time when electricity is the cheapest. According to Ford:

"When plugged in, the battery systems of these specially equipped plug-in hybrids can communicate directly with the electrical grid via smart meters provided by utility companies through wireless networking. The owner uses the vehicle's touch screen navigation interface and Ford Work Solutions in-dash computer to choose when the vehicle should recharge, for how long and at what utility rate."

This sounds wonderful, but first, power companies, many of which still think burning coal is a good idea, need to get on board with those smart meters. If that happens, it'll be great to just tell your car to only accept a charge during off-peak hours, or when the grid is only using wind or solar power.

Here's how the interface will look inside the car:

Via Treehugger