Digital BBQ Tongs, the meat burner's friend

Now you can associate a number with how badly you've burned that $20 steak. These Digital BBQ Tongs pierce the meat, and in 5 seconds give you an accurate reading on its backlit LCD display of the interior temperature of that hunk o' animal flesh.

This $40 thermometer aims to please, also including an attached LED flashlight for those late-night grilling sessions. It has presets for divining that ideal temperature within seven different kinds of meat, and then you can set one custom preset temperature.

There's even a raucus alarm that tells you when the meat is done. Great. You can go through all this trouble with gadget assist, or you can just learn how to grill by rough estimation, slightly risky at first, but with experience pays off with uncanny accuracy.

Taylor Gifts, via 7Gadgets