Dell Inspiron Zino HD destined for home theaters

Check out this Dell Inspiron Zino HD, a tiny PC destined for your home theater. Shipping this Fall, there's scarce information about this hotshot, but the company says there are desktop parts inside, unlike the favorably reviewed Studio Hybrid that's so small it uses laptop parts to save space.

Why is Dell talking about "desktop parts" when the Intel Atom processor and NVIDIA Ion graphics processor have proven to us to be such a highly capable duo in the home theater? Perhaps you'll be able to opt for either desktop chips or the smaller Atom/Ion processors that are usually deployed in netbooks.

Dell is being coy about pricing and the exact release date of this home theater powerhouse. For real information you can see, take a look at the gallery below to see the ports in the back of the Zino HD, revealing HDMI, eSATA, and plenty of USB ports, all welcome sights for those of us who crave a PC in the home theater.

Via Gizmodo and Engadget