Daily Makeover leaves the Avon lady out on the street

Ever contemplated a new hair style and chickened out because you were afraid you wouldn't like the results? Or ladies, why bother with the Avon lady knocking on your door, or worse, driving to the mall to check out the latest makeup trends? Why risk an awful haircut when you can see the virtual results online, or spend your hard-earned paycheck buying makeup that will just sit unused in the bathroom drawer?

The Daily Makeover is the latest in online virtual makeovers. Enter a picture, and with facial recognition mapping, the system lets users try out new cosmetics and hair styles. The system is already working with companies such as Avon, so users can try on actual products to see how they work on their face "in real life" without having to interact with real people. Nice. The newest version of Makeover Studio, which launches this week, is detailed enough to show different makeup finishes such as matte, glossy or frosted.

Guys, why should you care? This website could spare you hours at the mall with your girlfriend, wasting away while she browses the makeup counter. Go on, forward her the link.

Via TechCrunch