Cockney-rhyming ATM for your bees and honey

The closest many people get to hearing Cockney rhyming slang is watching Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. However, take a trip to the East End of London and it's everywhere. And now a firm that operates ATMs in the UK has come up with a Cockney cash machine.

For the next three months, five ATMs belonging to the Bank Machine in East London will be using cockney rhyming slang on their screens. You can choose whether to withdraw "sausage and mash" (cash), change your "Huckleberry Finn" — yep, that's your PIN number — or just take a butcher's at your "rattle and tank" balance.

While not a cockney (you have to have been born within the sound of Bow Bells in East London) myself, I've spent most of my life in London, and some of the Bank Machine's phrases seem a bit, well, try-hard. I mean, everyone knows that East End folk eat pie 'n' mash, not sausages. So, our verdict at DVICE: it's just not jellied eel*, mate. You can hear more on the subject here.


Via Times Online