Canon Digital ELPH SD980: Best tinycam gets even better

Canon rolled out way too many digital cameras today, but we'll spare you the brand spamming and cut to the best one, the Digital ELPH SD980 IS. We've been big fans of these puny ELPH powerhouses (ELVES?) for nearly a decade now, and the SD980 doesn't disappoint with its 12.1-megapixel sensor, the first 3-inch touchscreen on a Digital ELPH, a 5X optical zoom that's a panoramic 24mm at its widest, and then our favorite, 720p HD video with HDMI output.

Unless you want to go for a digital SLR, this is your best bet for a camera that fits easily in your shirt pocket. Its smaller form factor makes it significantly more useful, because the more portable a camera is, the more likely you are to carry it with you. As we've mentioned before, a camera left in a drawer at home isn't going to take very good pictures.

Indeed, Canon offers a squadron of bigger, clunkier PowerShot cameras with a bewildering array of features and prices, but for our money, the $330 necessary to procure this SD980 is definitely your best bet. Check out the gallery to pick out your favorite color; we're digging that gold one. Interested in one of those newly-released Canon cameras we didn't mention? Go ahead, read the press release.

Via Canon