Battery-bot breaks world record at Le Mans

You're looking at a world record holder. Sure, Evoia looks like a ridiculous toy, but this mini robot is really a proxy for Panasonic EVOLTA AA alkaline batteries, which allow this little sucker to "race" at Le Mans for 24 hours. That, my friends, is a world record. To be exact, this guy smacked down any allusions that the Energizer Bunny is the king of going and going, circling the Le Mans track 5.6 times and traveling a total of 14.82 miles.

Granted, the intrepid helmeted bot wasn't traveling at Le Mans-like speeds, poking around at a fast-turtle's pace of 0.6 mph for 24 hours. It followed an infrared beam from a lead golf cart, and boy, do we feel sorry for that driver whose job it was to travel at such a tedious speed for a night and a day.

Whether Evoia could have kept on going and going after the 24 hours remains to be seen, but his performance was good enough to be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as "the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car." Check out the video of Evoia's glorious sendoff:

Via Oh Gizmo