Art Lebedev ushers in the age of Navigarius via GPS

Art Lebedev, famed creator of vaporware such as this, and real stuff such as this — hands up if you think that $1,500 is a reasonable amount to spend on a keyboard — has gone into the GPS business. Well, make that the vapor-GPS business.

The Russian designer has gone retro on his fans, as his Navigarius GPS looks like one of those round wing mirrors you'd find on a Fifties or Sixties car, although its skinny stand is detachable. The black or white navi also rocks touchscreen controls, a USB port, microSD slot and a cigarette lighter adapter.

It remains to see whether Lebedev's studio manages to get the Navigarius into production — although some of his products do make it into the real world, I suspect a tie-up with a GPS manufacturer will be needed before we see this unit around the place. (See what I just did there?) Bonus shot below.

Via Engadget