Amphibious Wilcraft is an all-terrain answer to ice fishing

Like to drive to an icy lake to fish? Want to drive into that lake? The Wilcraft — or Water-Ice-Land-Craft — will do just that, with the ability to float over water and three fishing holes built right into the craft.

"It floats," the Wilcraft website states. "A long wheel base, wide footprint and a top speed of 20 mph makes for a safe and stable ride. This wide stance results in only 1.811 pounds-per-inches² of ground pressure requiring ice of only walkable thickness. In the event of unexpected thin ice, the Wilcraft floats and is easy to extract."

Note the "easy to extract." The Wilcraft isn't a boat, and you probably don't want to drive it into water that doesn't have a thick layer of ice over it.

It also has space for your gear, some upgrade options (such as slapping a pair of treads onto it) and comes with a hefty price tag of over $10,000.

Wilcraft, via Red Ferret