ZZZ Checker monitors your sleep, no wristband required

Sleep analysis gadgets are evolving, and this ZZZ Checker from Spec Computer takes the idea to the next level. Unlike the SleepTracker or Zeo Sleep Coach, this one doesn't require you to wear anything on your wrist or head. Instead, it uses audio and visual sensors to figure out when you're tossing and turning, snoring, grinding your teeth, or doing any other sleepytime hijinks that might interfere with your body's rejuvenation.

During the night, the ZZZ Checker determines if your sleep level qualifies as light, medium or deep, and then shows you how many hours and minutes you've spent in each one. You can either read the data off the screen, or transfer it to your PC via USB for detailed day-to-day graphs using its included software.

This geewhiz tech doesn't come cheap, though — it's $248 plus shipping, and so far, it's only available in Japan. If successful, we might see such products available Stateside, perhaps representing the next step toward figuring out exactly why you still feel sleepy even after you've been in bed with your eyes closed for eight hours.

Via CrunchGear