Y'all know DVICE is on Twitter, right?

If you never look over to the right margin (over there -->), you might not know that DVICE has a Twitter feed. OK, yeah, so does your grandma, but if you're actively participating in the Twittersphere, you might find it a convenient way to get our latest headlines.

Not only that, but we often tweet exclusive tidbits from events we attend (read: managed to fool people into inviting us to), like this one about a Sony megachanger we saw yesterday.

While you're following, we highly recommend gamers to check out the feed from our sister site, Fidgit. And if you're into sci-fi at all, you should definitely be following our other sister blog, Sci Fi Wire. The three feeds are repeated below — enjoy!

DVICE on Twitter: twitter.com/dvice
Fidgit on Twitter: twitter.com/fidgitblog
Sci Fi Wire on Twitter: twitter.com/scifiwire