Follow the Apollo 11 mission in realtime + 40 years

Were you around for the launch of Apollo 11 back in 1969? Did you huddle around the TV for a glimpse of what was happening? Don't you wish it could have been covered using all the media tools that are available today?

Starting today, is live, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the July 16th launch of Apollo 11 from Cape Canaveral. John F. Kennedy would be proud — the website name comes from his famous 1962 quote regarding the space program. With a 40-year time delay, the site will follow the flight from the Earth to the lunar landing, in real time. It will have animation throughout the four-day mission, photos, video, and the real radio transmissions from the capsule and NASA available as Twitter feeds. Need to follow it on the go? You can set up email alerts for when the lunar module touches down.

If you weren't around the first time, this celebratory re-creation sounds like a must-bookmark event. Sea of Tranquility, here we come!

Via The Associated Press