Want to buy a drink? Just scan the veins of your finger

Coca-Cola's "Freestyle" suicide-making machine is so last week. Hitachi's come up with its own little gimmick that's even crazier: paying for a drink with your biometrics.

We've seen Hitachi's finger vein authentication system before in cars. Now, machines installed in the company's buildings will allow registered employees to buy drinks just by having their finger scanned. While we still use good ol' coins and bills here in the US, other countries allow folks to pay at vending machines with their cell phones and, now in Japan at least, a finger.

No word on if anyone but Hitachi employees will get to play with the technology. Man, Japanese businesses get all the coolest toys. Now all they need is to strike up a deal with Honda to have the sodas handed out by Asimo.

MSN Japan, via Crunch Gear