VR windshield turns a drive into a safari, an underwater voyage or — Ahhh, a shark!

Huh. Well, this looks like a bad idea. The "IPSE" is a car designed by Jeongche Yoon and Hoyoung Kihl that turns your average drive into an adventure.

Here's the scoop:

IPSE's virtual environment system recognizes outside surrounding then translates into virtual objects and living things. For example, in 'underwater' mode, other vehicles appear to the driver as sea creatures. While it drives through a street in the city, the driver doesn't see any buildings, cars and asphalt-paved road but beautiful trees and wild animals running on the charming grass land.
Driving is tricky enough as it is without a passenger screaming, "brake for that whale!" I mean, seriously, we already see people texting on their cells and watching movies while they're on the road. This is just asking for trouble.

Check out the gallery below for more of the IPSE.

Jeongche Yoon, via Tuvie