Verbatim slips out some Bluetooth capable mini speakers

I tend to get a bit suspicious when a big company like Verbatim launches a new product in a place like Germany. Not that I have anything against Germans, it's just that press releases in any language other than English tend to get a lot less attention from sites like this one.

Such is the case with Verbatim's new Bluetooth Audio Cubes announced recently in Eschborn Germany. These little cubes look like they could make for a pretty neat portable music system, especially when paired up with a Bluetooth capable phone or laptop. For sources that are Bluetooth deprived, there's also a standard 3.5mm mini jack.

At a little under 3 inches per side, and with just 4 thumpin' Watts of AA battery power, I am, however, a bit skeptical of the 20Hz-20kHz frequency response claim.

The Bluetooth Audio Cubes should be available soon (at least in Germany), for about 50 Euros ($70 US).

via Firmen Presse